Four Years

Happy anniversary to my sweetheart.

I love you forever.


I've Stopped Caring

I don't post much on my blog anymore. To those looking at it objectively, I guess you could say I've stopped caring. 

But is that true?

The truth is, I suppose I have stopped caring. 

I've stopped caring about being internet famous. Because honestly? Who cares about how many Instagram or Twitter followers I have. 

I haven't stopped caring about real relationships that I've created with other bloggers online OR in real life. 

I've stopped caring about posting every day, about wasting my time on writing or putting together content that, let's be real, nobody cares about. 

Instead, I care about authentic content. It may not all be great, but I make an intentional decision to put together posts and hit publish. That's what matters. 

I've stopped caring about presenting a perfect life, because my life is far from perfect. 

Instead, I care about presenting myself as real. I am self-employed, my husband is a student, and we currently live with my parents. That is real. 

I've stopped caring about sharing every little thing on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter. I just can't any more. 

Just because I don't share it with the world doesn't mean it didn't happen.

So, if it seems like I just don't care anymore, know that it's not true. I care almost too much. About the important stuff is all. 


Monday's Mantra :: Believe in Magic

Hope you all have a great week!


Signature Style :: Summer Hair

You know it's been an exciting week when I have a Facebook update and a blog post about my hair. I asked my stylist that I wanted to channel my inner Zooey Deschanel. I think she delivered.

I got bangs. And new shoes. The Nordstrom sale is deadly this year. 
Shoes :: Louise et Cie via Nordstrom (ON SALE) // Jeans :: Joe's via Nordstrom // Top :: Modcloth // Ring :: Kate Spade // Earrings :: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's // Necklace :: Charlotte Russe // Necklace :: Kate Spade // Watch :: Fossil // Lipstick :: NARS 'Schiap' via Nordstrom (ON SALE) // Nail polish :: Butter London 'Fiver' via Nordstrom

I think it's safe to say that I am most definitely not a fashion blogger, though I have to say that I try!

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