Fall Fashion Wish List

Oh goodness, how I miss shopping. This is no voluntary spending freeze, let me tell you. But when you are self employed and married to a student, you don't always get to replenish your wardrobe as often as you'd like. 

Nonetheless, I have no problem "virtual" window shopping (as some of you may have noticed from my Pinterest boards lately), and hoping that someday soon, I may have a little extra cash to spend on a new cloche (or two). 

One thing notably missing from my wish list for fall? The illustrious pair of boots that so many bloggers include on such lists. I was fortunate enough to know an amazing woman, my husband's grandmother, who passed away earlier this year. His family gave her pair of her authentic leather riding boots, which are one of the most beautiful things I think I've ever owned. She was an equestrian, and I may or may not cry a bit the first time I wear them this year. I am beyond thankful that I was given the opportunity to know and love her, and that her family loves me enough to trust me with such a precious keepsake from her life. 

What is on your fall wish list this year? Feel free to shop these looks below, along with a few others on my fall fashion wish list!

Note that this post includes affiliate links, which means that I may make a commission from any purchases made via these links. You can read more about my blog's policies here. As a small business owner and self-employed blogger, I always appreciate your support and consideration!


The Hardest Part

Ask me, at any given time on any given day, what the hardest part of this journey is, and I would give you a different answer. Because it changes, constantly. 

How to be Charming :: Always Overdress

I do believe this to be true. 

While there are mornings where getting up and getting dressed seems to take far too much energy, I am also a firm believer that I am at my best when I look nice and, consequently, FEEL good about myself. 

Impressions are everything, and while I don't necessarily care what others think about my clothes or the way that I look, I can't help but feel confident when I dress better. What does that mean for me?


Hardcore Self Help

Most of you probably know that I suffer from anxiety (understatement of the century). Some of you may also know that we are currently living in San Diego so that my husband can finish up the last year of his PhD program in clinical psychology.

I can't even tell you how much having a husband that just gets it helps. And like myself, when Robert gets an idea into his head...well, he pretty much has to tackle it immediately. This is definitely not a bad quality to have - I mean, his tenacity did make him the first person in his family to graduate from high school (and then college...and then his Master's program...and now his doctorate). 

Anyway, he decided recently that he wanted to write a book. Such an unattainable goal, right? Well, I suppose if you have the time, then why not! He recognized the severe lack of relatable books in the mental health field, and knew that something needed to change. Enter? Hardcore Self Help - a self-help book for those of us who DETEST the word "self-help."