Hunting for a Home

Isn't it an exciting thing, hunting for a new home? So many options! We get to evaluate what worked for us in our last apartment, and what didn't. It's a blank slate! I can actually have the white walls I didn't get in our last place!

Okay, so it's not always so exciting. In fact, hunting for a new home can be almost too stressful for this anxious girl (just ask my husband). I feel like I'm constantly on Craigslist or Hotpads or whatever realtor's site I found in any given day, trying desperately to find a home within our budget that fits my...extravagant requirements. 

Note, my requirements aren't so extravagant. But it feels like it when I can't find anything. 

So, what are we looking for in a new home?

1 // OFFICE SPACE. Now, this is definitely not what you're thinking. In fact, I am completely okay with renting a one bedroom, if it's practical and looks nice! I've never wanted a large home. Even when I imagine our forever home, it's not some huge house. And the same goes for our next place - though I do work from home, I actually tend to work from the couch more than my desk. I'm wondering if I put my desk in the living room or dining room, near the television, if I'll be more likely to work at my desk. That being said, I do need a designated space for my office, though I don't particularly care where (as long as it isn't in our bedroom). After all, it's only for a year! I can certainly deal with a year if it doesn't work out for me.
Now, this isn't my style AT ALL, but the layout/setup is interesting to me. I'm wondering if having a combination desk/dining room table might work? Image via the Everygirl.

2 // KITCHEN. I am pretty flexible when it comes to most things in our new home. Hardwood floors vs. carpet? Don't care (as long as the carpet is clean). In-suite washer and dryer? While we thought it would be a deal breaker, we're fine as long as our complex has a decent laundry room. But the kitchen? Now THAT is the first thing I'll look for. It doesn't need to be huge, but it does need to be cute and spacious enough that I don't mind spending a lot of time in there! Bonus if it has lots of light and open shelving (though beggars can't be choosers at this point). 
Hello dream kitchen, via Smitten Studio.

3 // THE OUTSIDE. Our last home didn't have an outdoor space, and it was pretty terrible. We grew a tiny planter of herbs right outside our front door, but we never got to eat outside or let the dog run around. We would absolutely LOVE a little patio or balcony; nothing fancy, it just needs enough space for us to put a little table and two chairs. And a bonus? If our complex has an off-leash dog run. Because that would be amazing. 
You can do a lot with a small outdoor space, you just have to be creative. Image via Dustjacket Attic.

4 // LOCATION. We aren't too familiar with San Diego, so we aren't too concerned with the location, as long as we're in a safe area. Robert's office is in Point Loma, but he will be traveling all over San Diego for work. If you have any suggestions for places we should look in San Diego, please let me know! We are definitely open to ideas. 

So, that's my (short) list for home hunting this time around. What is the most important thing you look for when trying to find a new home?


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Four Years

Happy anniversary to my sweetheart.

I love you forever.


I've Stopped Caring

I don't post much on my blog anymore. To those looking at it objectively, I guess you could say I've stopped caring. 

But is that true?

The truth is, I suppose I have stopped caring. 

I've stopped caring about being internet famous. Because honestly? Who cares about how many Instagram or Twitter followers I have. 

I haven't stopped caring about real relationships that I've created with other bloggers online OR in real life. 

I've stopped caring about posting every day, about wasting my time on writing or putting together content that, let's be real, nobody cares about. 

Instead, I care about authentic content. It may not all be great, but I make an intentional decision to put together posts and hit publish. That's what matters. 

I've stopped caring about presenting a perfect life, because my life is far from perfect. 

Instead, I care about presenting myself as real. I am self-employed, my husband is a student, and we currently live with my parents. That is real. 

I've stopped caring about sharing every little thing on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter. I just can't any more. 

Just because I don't share it with the world doesn't mean it didn't happen.

So, if it seems like I just don't care anymore, know that it's not true. I care almost too much. About the important stuff is all.