Current Wedding Trend Alternatives :: Pt. 1

It’s no secret that I love weddings – I wouldn’t do what I do if I didn’t! But as a wedding planner and designer, I constantly have to think of the next best thing, and think outside the box. I always love looking at current trends, and finding alternatives. Sometimes they end up being the next big trend, and sometimes they don’t! But here are  other options for two of the biggest trends right now. 


Blush Wedding Photography via Ruffled

1. Succulents >> Protea

I love succulents; I really do, but I think there are so many other amazing accents that you can include into your bouquet or centerpieces. They are unique because they add a specific texture to arrangements, and can be used outside of flowers altogether. 


1 :: Romance Weddings via Green Wedding Shoes | 2 :: Apryl Ann via 100 Layer Cake

One of my very favorite currents trends right now though is the use of protea. This tropical flower really gives a breathtakingly unique texture to florals – and you have to admit that they look fun too!


2. Marsala >> Dusty Earth Tones

We all know that marsala is the color of the year, and I can’t be mad about it. Not because I am particularly fond of the color, but because at least it’s better than last year. What I do love about marsala though is the return to more earth tones. You have to be careful with it though; I’ve seen a lot of people drift into burgundy territory, when marsala is more of a deep, burnt red. 


1 :: Lani Elias via Magnolia Rouge | 2 :: Wedding Wire

Okay, I know that they don’t seem all that similar, but bear with me. When I think of marsala, I think of an earthy red, dusty and subdued in a way. To me, that’s a note to that dusty earthtone – the blushes so light they’re almost the color of sand, and blues and grey-lavender, perhaps with a charcoal or deep blue-grey. You can always add that deep burgundy or dark pink for that additional pop of color, if that’s why you love marsala.

What are your favorite alternatives to these trends right now? And make sure you check back next week for two more trends!


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