Five Things

It’s FRIDAY and I couldn’t be more ready! This week was a long one, even if I left my house for the first time today since Monday…it was supposed to be the first working week of the year, and it was. Minus the fact that the flu (or whatever this thing is) decided to hit. Thankfully I’m feeling better, and ready to actually participate in weekend festivities. Not to be confused with anything crazy or anything – you know, just hanging out with family and friends. I’m happy for some downtime; I feel like I’m STILL recovering from the holidays, you know?

I got the pictures from the photoshoot I did last month with Brian Tropiano, and let me tell you. GORGEOUS. That’s all I can say for now; you’ll just have to wait to see more! But at least I can share this little tidbit with you now. 

Photography :: Brian Tropiano
Photography :: Brian Tropiano

Anyway, here are five things from my week to yours!

1. Here’s a handy little guide to *whispers* your cycle. Actually, hell no I’m not whispering! I’m a woman and I’m damn proud of it. We should all be more comfortable with our own bodies AND understand what’s going on inside of them. So I’m just going to leave this here for you

2. Just another reason I love Taylor Swift. And, confession – I may or may not have asked Robert multiple times to check the mail. You know – just in case I had a special package waiting…

3. I need a new messy do for the new year. This looks like something even I can handle. 

4. This is going to be my home someday. Safe to say I’m obsessed. 

5. It may only be January, but I’ve officially found my bathing suit for the year. I mean, how can I turn down Kate Spade AND bows? Impossible. 

Happy weekend everyone! Stay safe and drink good wine. Life is too short for shitty wine.


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    1. What to expect when you’re NOT expecting. SO great!!! Seriously. Thanks for sharing.

      And I may just try that hair style. Although, how do these things work with curly hair frizz? And brushing is totally out of the question. Hmm.

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