What’s Your Mission Statement + Free Template


I have a mission statement that I created years ago, but it’s still so relevant to my life and business today. Every once in a while, I’ll go back and tweak things as needed, but I love having a detailed list of the values I hold dear in life. 


Why should you create a mission statement? 


  • It helps clarify your values and priorities in life
  • It gives your broad vision clarity and focus
  • It allows you to forgive yourself by forcing you to admit your weaknesses AND your strengths
When creating your mission statement, ask yourself the following questions honestly:
  1. What are my biggest priorities in life? Family? Relationships? Work? Health?
  2. Why are these things important to me? What are the consequences if I don’t put the right value on these things?
  3. How do my strengths balance out my weaknesses? How can I improve on my weaknesses that negatively impact my priorities and values?
  4. Who is important to me in life, and why are they important? How can I prevent myself from falling into the trap of focusing too much on what other people think of me?
  5. What is keeping me from loving myself as much as I deserve to be loved?

If you just aren’t quite sure where to start when creating your mission statement, here’s a template (download here as a PDF) that you can fill out for yourself!