Defining Your Wedding Vision & Priorities

I am very vocal about what the very first thing you need to do before you start planning your wedding, and that is create a budget. The thing about a budget, however, is that it has multiple parts. Mainly, THREE parts: the SINGULAR number (give yourself a number – I promise you’ll appreciate it later), the allocation of your budget according to your vision and priorities, and the wiggle room that you have intentionally left over. 

Today’s post focuses on that second part of creating your budget – that is, DEFINING YOUR VISION AND PRIORITIES. Once you define what is important to you, it’ll be easier to allocate your budget (we’ll talk about that another time). Until then, here are a few tips and a worksheet on how to define your vision and priorities. 

Photography :: Lavender & Twine
Photography :: Lavender & Twine
1. Create a Pinterest Board

I mean, obviously, right? Not. I have a couple rules when it comes to creating your Pinterest board(s). First up – you should be pinning to MULTIPLE wedding boards. I prefer pinning by type – flowers, attire, decor, etc. Pin to your heart’s desire! Anything and everything is game right now. 

After you’ve gone through everything the interwebs has to offer in terms of wedding inspiration, SHUT IT OFF. Don’t seek wedding images anymore to inspire you – it’ll only get frustrating. Instead, go through the boards you’ve already created and pin to ONE MAIN board. Pin your favorites – even if they don’t seem like they have anything in common. That’s up next. 

RULE: When pinning to your MAIN Pinterest, make sure you include in the description WHY you like that image or bit of inspiration. Is it the photography, or the dress? Is it the setting, or the emotion in the image?

After you have fifty or so of your favorite images on your main Pinterest board, go through and look at the overall picture. What commonalities do you see? Are you pinning a lot of peonies, or maybe it’s the colors that you’re drawn to. Note anything in common between the images on that board – the textures, patterns, color combinations, types of fabrics, photography, the season, flowers, accents, level of formality. ANYTHING that can clue you in, make note of. And then you can create your inspiration board. 

2. Don’t be afraid to give a number

For your priorities, that is. In the worksheet I’ve included in this post, you’ll notice that I ask you to RATE, in order of importance, the different vendors that will be present on your wedding day. Unless you have an unlimited budget (which, let’s be real, nobody has an unlimited budget), you’re going to want to allocate funds according to your budget. You can see the typical breakdown (i.e. 50% for reception, yadayadayada), but none of that is important unless you know what’s important to you. 

If flowers are more important than food, then say it! Writing down a number isn’t going to hurt anything or anyone. 

3. Define Your Wedding’s Mission

I am  BIG FAN of creating mission statements. My business, my branding, and my personal life all have their own statements of purpose. It only makes sense that you create a mission for your wedding. Take the first and second items on this list, and go from there. Here’s an example:

On October 10, 2015, we will be solidifying our love in front of our closest friends and family. It’s important that we create a welcoming environment, with good food and music, to celebrate our new marriage and to let our guests know that we appreciate them taking the time to be our witnesses. 

Think you can do that? Here’s a little worksheet to get you started, and happy planning!

Vision and Priorities

You can download the PDF for this worksheet here!

Feel free to contact me if you need help defining your wedding vision & priorities!


Photography :: Lavender & Twine