Spring Clean and Organize Your Home

Spring is finally in the air.  And, with it, that urge to purge your home, give everything a good cleaning, and make room for the good stuff (whatever that is to you!).  Today, I’m sharing a few basic ways to get that fresh, crisp, and clean feel in your home this season.

Spring Cleaning

First things first. Take an empty garbage bag and throw out the riff-raff lying around everywhere.  Y’know, those receipts in that drawer, odds and sods just taking up space for no reason–the things that are actually just garbage and you’ve been too lazy and encumbered by winter to throw away!

Clear out the clutter. Make those piles–“gotta keep”, “gotta go”, “somewhere in between”–and fill them.  Apply this system to all areas in your home including your closet, office, and even the kitchen!  A new season usually brings more “things” into your home and purging the old feels absolutely refreshing!

Find a place for everything, so everything has a place.  Take a few minutes in each room assessing the needs and accessibility of items.  Then, organize accordingly.

Wash the windows when it’s warm enough to keep them open.  Get rid of pesky water spots and winter’s dust.  If you feel ambitious, spray out the screens, too!

Dust the lights (and anything else that doesn’t make the weekly cleaning cut).  For me, this includes dusting the trim and door frames, pulling all the furniture out to vacuum under/behind, cleaning behind the fridge and stove, etc.

Speaking of fridges, clean out the fridge.  Take everything out of it, toss the expired and moldy items (ew!) and wipe down the shelves.  You’ll be surprised by what you find lurking in the depths of a fridge and it’s amazing how much food spillage and crumbs collect under food that sits (like the dressings in the door).  How do crumbs get in there anyway?!

Refresh your bedding. Flip or swivel the mattress, if needed.  Say bye-bye to the winter flannel, and hello to crisp cotton sheets in a spring print.  Even give those pillows a good fluffing.

There is no right or wrong way to spring clean or organize.  It all depends on your home’s needs, the needs of your family, and your own priorities!  If your fridge doesn’t get disgusting because you’re a stickler about it all year, then no one’s insisting you “spring clean” it.  Spring cleaning is about refreshing your home and ridding it of winter’s staleness to make room for the new season’s busyness and memories.  Oddly enough, it’s even energizing!  How will you tackle yours? 

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