The BHLDN Wedding Fair

I don’t know how I got so lucky, but last year I was given the opportunity to participate in BHLDN’s Beverly Hills wedding fair. It’s an exclusive show, which means that I am the only planner and calligrapher there. They invited me again this year, and it was so much fun! The selection of vendors this year was just incredible – I’m so fortunate to be on their level! Take a look at the photos from Katie Pritchard Photography of this fun, pretty event!

BHLDN_0001 BHLDN_0034 BHLDN_0033 BHLDN_0032 BHLDN_0031 BHLDN_0030 BHLDN_0029 BHLDN_0028 BHLDN_0027 BHLDN_0026 BHLDN_0025 BHLDN_0024 BHLDN_0023 BHLDN_0022 BHLDN_0021 BHLDN_0020 BHLDN_0019 BHLDN_0018 BHLDN_0017 BHLDN_0016 BHLDN_0015 BHLDN_0014 BHLDN_0013 BHLDN_0012 BHLDN_0011 BHLDN_0010 BHLDN_0009 BHLDN_0008 BHLDN_0007 BHLDN_0006 BHLDN_0005 BHLDN_0004 BHLDN_0003 BHLDN_0002

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