Signature Style @ 17 Weeks

With this week’s topic for #CharmingChat, I’ve been thinking a lot about my own personal style. Specifically, how it’s changed over the past few years and how I would define my signature style today. I think style is something that is constantly evolving, and we should embrace that change. While you’re much more likely to see me in maxi skirts and a tank top these days (I’m at that weird point in my pregnancy where nothing old fits but I can’t justify buying anything new yet), I do have a fairly simple and comfortable aesthetic. I do love heels and wedges, but mainly with jeans and casual blazers. I do own my fair share of pencil skirts and business casual dresses that I love, though those aren’t coming out until at least next year. For this week’s style post, I wanted to wear something that was 100% ME, from top to bottom. Not something that I’m trying too hard to wear; something that, if we ran into each other at the mall, you would see me in. 

Joelle Charming - Signature Style 17 Weeks_0001 Joelle Charming - Signature Style 17 Weeks_0002 Joelle Charming - Signature Style 17 Weeks_0003 Joelle Charming - Signature Style 17 Weeks_0004 Joelle Charming - Signature Style 17 Weeks_0005 Joelle Charming - Signature Style 17 Weeks_0006

If I’m wearing makeup (which, half the time I’m not), it’s natural and consists of only five products – NARS tinted moisturizer, NARS translucent powder, Clinique mascara, MAC blush in Fleur Power, and Laura Mercier lipstick in Baby Lips (this stuff is the – it goes on almost like a chapstick, which makes it super low maintenance for me). I would say eighty percent of the time my hair is up in a ponytail (no bows for me lately), and the most I accessorize with is a scarf and maybe a necklace or earrings. No bracelets, ever (I hate having things on my wrist other than a watch). If it’s easy, it’s me, and I’m okay with that.

Ignore my wonky eye in these pictures. Note to self – stop blinking. 


Jeans :: 7 for all mankind via Nordstrom | Shirt :: Lush via Nordstrom | Shoes :: Fergie (yup, and I love them) | Purse :: Kate Spade (obviously) | Earrings :: Forever 21 | Scarf :: Daisy Shoppe (favorite store)

All discontinued.



    1. Congratulations!!! I’m 19 weeks and can definitely relate. More often, I’ll wear an outfit to work, get home, and immediately move it to the newly formed “restricted” section of my closet. Maxi dresses and elastic pants for this girl too!

        1. I got this little spandex band from Target…you basically wear it over the top of your jeans, and it holds them up so you don’t need to zip or button! It has been a huge help lately…still not ready to spend money on new clothes!

    1. You look so fabulous! You’re glowing! What does the tattoo say running down your spine?

      1. Oh goodness, you are too sweet :) It’s a Taylor Swift lyric from State of Grace – “This is the golden age of something good and right and real.”

    1. You are glowing! So adorable! I am loving those loose and easy shirts for the fall and I’ll be investing in lots of tunics

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