How to Learn a Skill

How to Learn a Skill

I’m in full on nesting mode right now, and for me, that includes brushing up on some basic homemaking skills. You know, the ones that are required to be a good mom (sarcasm font). Sewing, embroidery, cooking, baking – I want to learn as much as I can about all of it (it’s a goal of mine to be able to make my children’s Halloween costumes). But when it came down to it, it doesn’t seem so easy to plan out how to learn a skill. 

There are lots of project management printables and suggestions out there, but I think learning a skill is different that trying to plan a project. Sure, there are deliverables and you need to figure out when you are done learning that skill, but there are so many resources out there to help you learn! How do you keep track of the courses you take and the books that you read? Of course, when I realized that there wasn’t the right type of skill planner out there, I just made my own

How to Learn a Skill Blog

Here’s how I’m using this Skill Syllabus to plan out the things I want to learn how to do:

1 | Determine What Skill You Want to Learn and Why

I always believe in writing down why you want to do something. It keeps you on track and keeps you motivated when you aren’t sure if you want to keep going!

2 | When Will the Current Phase of Learning This Skill Be Complete?

One of the main rules about goal planning is that you have to have an end to the project. “Lose weight” isn’t enough – “Lose twenty pounds” is much clearer and more attainable. The same goes for learning a skill – perhaps there will be more iterations of learning this skill in the future, but when will you know that this current phase is complete? 

3 | What Projects Do You Want to Complete?

You can take all the courses you want, but I think that in order to really learn a skill, you need to put it into practice. So, what projects will you be working on during the course of learning this skill? For example, I aim to make (a) curtains (b) bibs and (c) a craft bag for my sewing skill. This keeps me from aimlessly wandering around Joanns, wondering what I want to make!

4 | What Courses and Books Do You Want to Complete?

If you’ve ever read Home Comforts* (I highly recommend), you know that the author suggests actually studying how to keep a home. Like anything you learn, you have to study in order to understand it! I’ve signed up for a few courses on Craftsy* and have a few books written down for each skill that I want to learn. In my planner, I even write down the dates of when I want to read and complete the courses. Just a thought. 

There it is. Once you have these four things figured out and written down, you’re ready to get started! So, what skills are you hoping to learn this year?

Download the Skill Syllabus Here



    1. I LOVE this! And if I didn’t already feel overwhelmed with life I’d totally design a course for myself! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to learn how to make bread. Not just banana bread and whatnot but delicious loaves of french bread and rolls and maybe even sandwich bread. Can you imagine a grilled cheese on some homemade bread? Or making your own bread bowls!?!?!?! Eeeeeeeee!

      Thanks for this! I can’t wait :)

      1. Making your own bread is really simple, and is one of my favorite past times! If I may make a few reading suggestions:

        (A) “The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking” by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoë François
        (B) “The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Bread Baking” by The French Culinary Institute
        (C) “The Bread Bible” by Rose Levy Beranbaum.

        I found all three of these absolutely invaluable when first starting out <3

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