Boudoir Maternity Pictures at 37 Weeks

I am so freaking lucky to have talented friends. Have I mentioned that lately? I’ve been wanting to shoot boudoir photos with Alyssa every since I got my tattoos last year, but living in San Diego kind of put a kink in those plans. Thankfully, she was on board as soon as I mentioned “boudoir maternity pictures”. She came over a few weeks ago, and the results are pretty much my favorite thing ever. 

Maternity Photos_0001

Obviously we need to start with a picture of Olive Duff, my first born.

Maternity Photos_0002

Maternity Photos_0003 Maternity Photos_0004 Maternity Photos_0005 Maternity Photos_0006 Maternity Photos_0007 Maternity Photos_0008 Maternity Photos_0009 Maternity Photos_0010

Some may be wondering “why boudoir” and for me, the answer is easy. I always knew that my body would change throughout pregnancy, but I don’t know that I ever anticipated how it would make me feel. I have never felt more feminine and womanly, though there are times when beautiful is the last word I would use to describe myself. The act of growing a child is just such an incredible experience, and I’m thankful that my body has the capability to do so. Capturing it in a raw form like this was important to me; I wanted to remember that I am still a woman, even – especially – with my stretch marks and the discomfort of carrying a baby. My body can do amazing things, and Alyssa was able to capture that perfectly. 

Photography by Alyssa Armstrong Photography

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