How to be a Gracious Guest

As a guest, I feel it’s important to remember that you are being catered too. So, to make your host or hostess’ life easier there are a few easy ways you can be the most gracious guest. Be sure to consider the following at your next dinner party, birthday bash, or anytime you take up residence in a friend or family member’s home.

How to be a Gracious Guest2

Be Honest and Considerate

If you are attending a dinner party and have food allergies, you should reminder your host or hostess a week prior to the event. Actually, they should be the ones to ask you if there is anything you are allergic to; but if it slips their mind, it is your responsibility to let them know. It can be pretty horrifying when your host cooks an elaborate meal and you can’t even consume any of it! Be honest, and your consideration will be appreciated.

Don’t be Picky

There is a difference between being allergic and being picky. If there is something you don’t like at a party, remain tight lipped. You don’t want to be rude. Either eat around the item, or take the advice you always give your children; “Try it, you might like it!” Never ask for an alternative though!

Bring a Gift

It is always appreciated when you arrive with a small gift. Wine and candles are great gifts to give a host. Or, if you are staying with a friend or relative for a weekend (or longer); reciprocate the favor by tucking a gift card away in a thank you note. Orchids or seasonal bulbs are also a nice gesture; as are picture frames or something fragrant, like a linen spray.

Clean Up After Yourself and Offer Help

If staying overnight, be sure to make your own bed. Keep your toiletries in a travel bag, and not all over your host’s bathroom. A dirty clothes bag should be stowed away in your bag, so your clothes are never left on the floor or draped over furniture. Be sure to mind where you place your plate and cup; and always be sure to clean your items or dispose of them appropriately. Better yet, always ask your host if they need help cleaning up after a dinner party by washing dishes, drying them, or gathering trash or washing linens. Even though most hosts will decline, your offer will leave a lasting impression with them!

Want to be invited back again? Then, be sure to be a gracious guest. These several hints and tips will ensure awesome etiquette, and will make you more aware of your actions when you are in someone else’s home!

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