Keep Calm and Meditate

We’ve all been there: so stressed out that even the slightest action can become a major annoyance. Whether it’s work, a relationship or something else, everyone has something in their life that can cause anger and frustration. Stress can be so detrimental to our bodies and often times we don’t notice until we are suffering from the effects.

Fear not. You can take control. One of the first steps in the process is to become more aware of your body, like taking note of how your muscles react to situations. Recently my job has been stressful and I decided to pay more attention to my bodily reactions. The first thing I noticed was my jaw. When I get angry, my jaw tenses and this causes a chain reaction in the rest of my body. For example, I started having more frequent headaches which can be a side effect of clenching your jaw. In addition to these physical symptoms, I was constantly irritable. Being more in tune with these reactions can help solve them.

I decided to take control. Meditation is a way to clear your mind and focus on the good. Our minds often race and with some guidance, you can calm it down. When I talk to people about meditation I feel as though many think of it as some unattainable state of being. Meditation in its simplest form is concentrating on a thought, image or your breathing to clear your mind. This gives your mind peace and helps boost your mood.

One of my favorite things about meditation is that it helps me get rid of the negative thoughts in my mind and concentrate on what I’m grateful for. This attitude of gratitude helps you live a more positive life with happier days. Meditation has now become a daily routine. After practicing meditation I’m able to react in a more positive way in daily situations. I’ve noticed my jaw and headache issues have almost disappeared. So give it a try, keep calm and meditate.

Are you confused about where to start? Is it hard for you to concentrate? Here are a few simple steps to get you started.

  1. Think of a place or a memory where in that moment or place you were happy and relaxed. Pick a something you remember the details of.
  2. Close your eyes (You don’t have to but this is helpful to me)
  3. Practice deep breaths. My favorite is with mouth closed, breath in through your nose and out through your nose
  4. Continue the deep breaths and put yourself in that situation again. Concentrate on the little details of your surroundings, the sounds you heard and how you felt there. Stay in this place until this is the only thing on your mind.
  5. Enjoy the peace.

Even easier is to use a guide. One of my favorite youtube videos takes you step by step and helps you clear the mind. It’s so relaxing that I often fall asleep. Best enjoyed with headphones.

Have you tried meditation to decrease stress? If so, what are your favorite techniques for clearing your mind?

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by Lauren Fowler, RDN at Mode


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