Sergio & Jennica’s Storybook Wedding

Be prepared for a post FULL of photos today – these two are some of my favorite people in the entire world. I am so beyond fortunate to call Jennica one of my dearest friends. We met while she was in grad school with my husband, and our friendship blossomed when we both lived down in San Diego. I was beyond excited when she asked for my help in designing her wedding to her high school sweetheart of THIRTEEN years. That’s a lot of years!

Jennica and Sergio both have incredible style, so I knew that this wedding was going to be full of pretty. It’s like an art deco fairy tale, shot by Candice Benjamin Photography and full of blush and coral blossoms from the Dainty Lion. The venue had a collection of books, which we used to our full advantage. One of their requests from me was a handwritten school for their ceremony backdrop, in which I copied a letter that Sergio wrote to Jennica right before their first Valentine’s Day. 

Most brides and grooms would have been upset and stressed when it starts to rain on their wedding day, especially when it was sunny just a few hours earlier. But we hustled and moved everything inside (including their scroll). They still tell me how romantic it all was, listening to the rain fall while they committed themselves to one another in front of their closest friends and family. Not only was I given the incredible opportunity to work with them on their wedding, but I was able to be a guest as well. It makes me so happy knowing that two people who truly love each other got the wedding of their dreams. Congratulations Mr. and Dr. Paz! I wish you all the love and happiness in the world!

Sergio and Jennica_0001 Sergio and Jennica_0002 Sergio and Jennica_0003 Sergio and Jennica_0004 Sergio and Jennica_0005 Sergio and Jennica_0006 Sergio and Jennica_0007 Sergio and Jennica_0008 Sergio and Jennica_0009 Sergio and Jennica_0010 Sergio and Jennica_0011 Sergio and Jennica_0012 Sergio and Jennica_0013 Sergio and Jennica_0014 Sergio and Jennica_0015 Sergio and Jennica_0016 Sergio and Jennica_0017 Sergio and Jennica_0018 Sergio and Jennica_0019 Sergio and Jennica_0020 Sergio and Jennica_0021 Sergio and Jennica_0022 Sergio and Jennica_0023 Sergio and Jennica_0024 Sergio and Jennica_0025 Sergio and Jennica_0026 Sergio and Jennica_0027 Sergio and Jennica_0028 Sergio and Jennica_0029 Sergio and Jennica_0030 Sergio and Jennica_0032

Styling & Design :: Joelle Charming | Photography :: Candice Benjamin | Venue :: Green Gables Estate | Florals :: The Dainty Lion

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