Introducing Paperie Charming!

As many of you know, I’ve been doing calligraphy and handlettering for nearly five years now (long before calligraphy was trendy). I stopped doing custom orders awhile back, but I am SO excited to announce that I have opened a new Etsy shop for both custom orders and predesigned products! 

Enter welcome at checkout for 10% off your product order (not valid on custom orders).

Also, all proceeds from the Feminist AF line will be donated to Planned Parenthood! Women’s tank tops and t-shirts are available, as well as men’s t-shirts and mugs!



    1. Congrats Joelle!!! off to check out your shop now! xoxo jillian ps LOVING that tank!

    1. This is awesome! Congrats! And yes — although it may be all the rage right now (which isn’t a bad thing), you are one of the first people I knew of that had truly mastered the art of it. Beautiful!

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