Baby Things We Couldn’t Live Without

First of all, I know that’s an incredibly privileged thing to say. That being said, I wanted to share a few things that have made our lives as parents SO much easier! 

Search for “things I need for baby” and you’ll find lists upon lists upon lists from both parents and brands, telling you that you ABSOLUTELY need a boppy pillow or bottle warmer. Whatevs, we didn’t really use either of these. But here are a few items that we have found useful in the past 18 months.


Books seem like an obvious choice, and they are! Robert and I have SO much fun picking out books for Remi, and he is well on his way to having an entire library. Some of our favorites include What Do You Do with an Idea and What Do You Do with a Problem, anything by Emily Winfield Martin, the Darkest Dark, and I Dissent! (obviously). 

We got Remi his first set of blocks for Christmas last year when he was about ten months old. It has been really amazing watching as he goes from just trying to figure out what they are to actually building with a purpose. He loves to make things as tall as possible, and will build and build and build, just to destroy it later on. Pretty sure the only thing he loves more than cars and building is destroying things. That’s basically our lives right now.


When Remi was an infant we had a jogging stroller that his carseat clipped into. It was convenient, but super bulky and took up a ton of room in the trunk. As soon as he was able to sit in the stroller without the carseat, I realized that we needed something more practical. While we will be getting a tandem stroller once this next little nugget arrives, our Inglesina USA Net Stroller has been perfect for us so far! It’s super lightweight and I can pretty much fold it up with one hand. The only problem is that it doesn’t recline back very far, but it isn’t often that Remi falls asleep in his stroller, so it works for us.


I am so thankful that Remi is an AWESOME eater – for now at least. We make it a point to eat at the dining room table as a family for every meal possible, and it was always really important to me that he have an actual seat at the table. That’s why we decided to go with a booster seat rather than a high chair – it let’s him sit and participate in the meal with us. 

I used to get asked constantly what the dinner plate and bowl we used were, since they suctioned to the table. I could seriously be an ambassador for Avanchy products – they are the BEST. I hate how gaudy most baby items are, but the wood bowls and plates are so classy, and even the rubber suctions are tasteful. I credit these with Remi’s ability to just use a regular plate and bowl now, and I will probably buy a whole new set when the next kiddo starts their own food adventures.

Remi nursed almost exclusively, so it wasn’t hard to wean him from a bottle. Instead, we went straight to the Munchkin Miracle 360 Cups. Let me tell you, these cups are amazing. They are super intuitive to use for kids, but they don’t spill! I will say that eventually they do wear down so it’s necessary to replace every six months or so, but it’s worth it. These are the only cups we use in our house.


I feel like we tried everything when Remi was a newborn to get him to sleep comfortably. Once we found the Halo Sleepsack though, the search was over. He loved being swaddled, and these sacks were perfect. Not only did they keep him warm (there are different fabrics to choose from), but they also held his arms secure enough to his body that he was able to sleep soundly. Once he started rolling, we just took his arms out and used it as a regular sleepsack to keep him warm. I pretty much get one of these for every friend that has a kid now.


I tried a lot of different teething necklaces for Remi, but this pretty set was by far my favorite. He loved playing with it while he nursed, and most people couldn’t even tell that it was a teething necklace! It really just looked like a big set of pearls. I had it in a few different colors and I’ll definitely be getting a few new sets in a few months.

Okay, now my favorite item for me: this nursing tank. Oh my goodness, this tank is the BEST. It’s fairly form fitting, so it smooths you in all the right places, and the bra support was enough for me that I didn’t need to wear a bra with it. It’s such a simple concept, but this tank really made nursing and dressing postpartum so much easier for me. We aren’t nursing anymore, but I still wear it every once in awhile – it’s hard to give up a good thing!

So there you have it; our favorite baby items that we technically could live without, but definitely don’t want to. Next up will be what’s on our list for baby number two – so stay tuned!

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Featured image by Jillian Rose Photography.

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