It’s the end of the year, which means that there are TONS of “New Year’s Resolution” planners and other types of workbooks out there, just waiting for you to download and fill out. I’ve tried to do these plenty of times, but I always get SO overwhelmed. The questions they ask, expecting me to know what I’m going to be doing six, eight, ten months from now just kind of make me shut down. I fill out as much as I can, and then it gets put in a drawer somewhere, never to be seen again. 

Instead, I make a list of my priorities. That’s it.

It’s simple, really. Every time I come up with an idea or a project, I look at that list and make a decision as to whether it fits into my current priorities. If it doesn’t, then I make a note of the idea and store it away for another time.

I think we all go through phases in our lives. There may be moments when we are ready to set goals proactively, and make immediate plans to get those goals achieved. And then there are times when we need to settle into the moment, and find peace with maybe being stagnant for a bit. I wrote about this recently, that we have time for both. We don’t need to be constantly moving forward.

For the most part, 2018 is going to be a year of slow growth. Of cherishing the present rather than forcing my way forward. I have my priorities in order, and I’m ready to deal with whatever comes my way, as long as it fits within that frame of mind. 

1. Family

This is an obvious one. I mean, I’m going to have a new baby in a month (one month from today, the 21st, actually). There is no demanding when it comes to family, no forcing it forward. Growing a family is organic; it means cultivating love and living in the moment. It means accepting whatever phase your children are in, and understanding that their lives are in a constant state of upheaval. As their parents, we are the stability that keeps them grounded. I’m so excited to nurture my home and my family more in 2018.

2. Duff the Psych

I’ve been working on Robert’s brand for the past few months, and it’s SO much fun for me! I swear, it’s like a full time job that I didn’t realize I missed. The best part about it, other than getting to work with my husband (of course), is the fact that I get to do it at my own pace and schedule. I get to take time off when my number one priority comes calling, which I am so thankful for. Robert and I have big dreams for Duff the Psych, but I have to remind myself constantly that nothing can be forced. We can push forward incrementally and see where it goes from there. 

3. Activism

This is one that doesn’t necessarily fall into my “slow growth” philosophy for 2018 because I am ready to do whatever it takes to flip Congress next November. That being said, I do have to remind myself to use my strengths and not force anything within myself. That means practicing self care and taking a step away from the news sometimes. I also hate using the phone, so phone banking just isn’t for me. But with most of my family and many friends in Orange County, I’m SO excited at the prospect of flipping Ed Royce’s seat. That’s my main focus when it comes to my political plan for 2018. 

I wouldn’t necessarily say Joelle Charming is on the backburner for next year, but it definitely doesn’t rank as high as these three things. I’ll probably still blog and share on Instagram, but it will be as the motivation strikes. I’m not going to force anything, and I’m not going to take time away from these three things. My priorities may change as we get further into the year, but as of now, I’m ready to kick ass at 2018. Who is with me?

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    1. I found your journal from Pinterest because of your statement of yourself and the template. I’ve read several post already and I find your page calming and helpful. I read that you have other priorities so this blog may be on the back burner in a way. I just wanted to let you know that your blog can change someone’s life in the best way! ❤️

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