Happy International Women’s Day

It warms my heart to see so many people celebrating International Women’s Day. This past year has been eventful for women, to say the least; between the #MeToo movement and the over 500 women running for office, it’s obvious that times are changing! But we still have so far to go. 

So, a few reminders for International Women’s Day today.

Be considerate of the language you use when discussing womanhood. There is no one experience, and not all women have vaginas or uteruses. This is important if you want to be inclusive to all women. 

Don’t fall into the trap of white feminism. I’m not suggesting that you burn yourself out trying to fight every single battle out there, but at least recognize that these issues exist. Acknowledging the struggles of women of color and in other marginalized communities is the first step to being an intersectional feminist. 

Listen. If you aren’t a part of the community yourself, then perhaps your voice isn’t necessary. We see this a lot in “devil’s advocate” arguments, which are never a good idea with a feminist (what, you don’t think we’ve heard that argument before?). Try to listen instead. And if you can, amplify the voices of those fighting the good fight. 

Happy International Women’s Day to EVERYONE out there. May we use today as a launching point for the next chapter in our story.



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