About Joelle Charming

Hi, I'm Joelle. I'm a wedding planner, blogger, author (that's a new one, as of 2014) and calligrapher, originally from Orange County but living in San Diego, California with my husband and our dog. But to me, Ventura is home. I like to write about my life here on this little blog sometimes, and what it's like to own a business. But you'll also find (I hope) lots of inspiration and other pretty things.

Joelle Charming is my place to be inspired, and I want it to be a place for you to be inspired too. I never intentioned this space to be a tutorial for life, just an insight into my own. My life may not always be perfect, but I'm always trying to make myself a better person, and to follow my dreams. I'm a constant work in progress, just like this little blog here, so I hope you'll stay a while and watch it all come together. Thanks for stopping by.

photos by Project Poiema

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Joelle Charming