From the bride, Chelsea: 

As absurd as this might sound, one of my favorite parts of our wedding was at the end of the night. All of the guests had left and the Kate Spade heels I drooled over for months got quickly replaced by a pair of $5 Old Navy flip flops. We gave my parents a hug and kiss goodbye and thanked them once again for giving us a wedding that was beyond what we could have ever hoped for. We gave one final hug to our fabulous wedding coordinators (Joelle and her team of course, who yes, were there until the very last moment!) and started making our way from the ballroom to our bungalow.
It was almost pitch black and the only light around radiated from the candles that lined the path back to our room. I held my twelve layer tulle dress in one hand and my new husband’s in the other. It was the first time that day it had been quiet, and it was just the two of us. A hotel that was bustling with wedding guests and staff (even Quentin Tarantino was there!) just hours before became perfectly still, and we felt like the only two people in the entire world. We had so much energy and excitement bursting through our body from the day, and I can’t remember another time in my life that I felt more complete, content and loved. We were so happy knowing that the day we had been dreaming of for so long had finally happened, and it was absolutely perfect. There was something so comforting in knowing that although ten months of planning came to an end all too quickly, our marriage was just beginning.
We got back to the room and what happened next was so memorable, I get giddy just thinking about it. Don’t get ahead of yourselves readers…this isn’t a 50 Shades of Grey kind of post! Without saying a word to each other, we immediately broke into a dance party! Just Brian and I. I was still in my dress, he was still in his tux, there was no music…but that didn’t stop us. We were like two teenagers who just found out school had been cancelled for the week. I later put on my white silk robe from Victoria’s Secret that had the word ‘Bride’ bedazzled on the back as I knew it was the last time I would ever be able to wear it again…respectfully at least. Brian was in his typical evening uniform, a white t-shirt and basketball shorts. We sat on the couch as I devoured a bag of peanut butter filled pretzels from Trader Joe’s and read through the countless cards written with words of kindness and love from our guests. We recounted the day, shared stories, laughed, and used the words husband and wife as many times as we could in one sentence. We were married!!
The day we got engaged, we made a promise to never lose sight of why we were getting married. I knew that there would bound to be times I would get more focused on what length of ribbon we should tie around the napkins, whether to serve bread rolls or bread baguettes or if my lipstick was the right shade of blush than the actual meaning behind our wedding day. So, we made a conscious effort to make sure that everything we did had purpose and significance. One night I was stressing about whether or not to order custom embossed swizzle sticks I had found on Etsy for our cocktail reception. Brian turned to me and said, “Babe, how do swizzle sticks reflect our love and commitment to one another?” Needless to say, our guests drank out of non-swizzled cocktail glasses.
When we got into bed on our wedding night, anyone else would have thought it was just a typical night. I had no make-up on, my hair was down, and you would have never known that just twelve hours before I was being fussed over like I was Kate Middleton herself. It was perfect. Up until that point, our wedding was the best day of my life. But, every night I get to climb into bed with my best friend, my dance partner, and my husband is even better than the one before.

Photography :: Candice Benjamin | Florals :: These Buds a Blooming | Venue :: El Encanto Hotel