How am I supposed to fit everything that I am into one page? I suppose what this entire blog is about, and not just the About page. So here is just the beginning.

I am Joelle. Dreamer. Designer. Advocate. Feminist. Witch.

Wife to Robert. Mom to Remi and Leo. Lover of joy and all things beautiful and free.

I was a wedding planner for a long time, and still plan weddings every once in a while. I recently worked as the Special Events Manager for Planned Parenthood California Central Coast, but now am figuring out what my next career move is.

My mission is to create a world where people are able to live free and joyous without judgment.I want to live in a world where people are able to explore and ultimately be their most authentic selves. Working towards that world involves dismantling both internalized biases and problematic systemic/institutional policies.

I talk a lot about social justice. Politics. Feminism. Tequila. Authenticity. JOY. And Taylor Swift.

Thanks for stopping by. xo